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PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to assist you if you are currently assigned a background investigator. This causes a conflict of interest with the agency you’re currently in the process with.

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Oral Interview Prep

$50 Per Hour
  • Oral Interview Preparation
  • Pass the interview and move onto the background phase
  • Boost Your Confidence In Order To Pass
  • 14 Years Experience As An Oral Interview Prep Coach

Video Consultation Tier 1

  • In Depth Review Of Your Background
  • Includes Video Consultation As Well As PHS and PIQ reviews.
  • Full Review Usually Takes 60-90 Minutes To Complete
  • Book your own appointment using our convenient calendar app.
  • Pay as you go! You can make payments up until the day before your appointment.
Most Popular

Video Consultation Tier 2

  • Tier 1 Video Consultation Benefits *Plus*
  • 6 Months Of Follow-Up Emails and Texts
  • Audio Recording Of Your Consultation- No Need To Take Notes- Your Full Consultation Will Be Recorded

Video Consultation Tier 3

$ 300
  • Tier 1 and 2 Video Consultation Benefits *Plus*
  • 12 Months Of Follow-Up Emails, Texts and Calls

Angela G.


“Ken completed my LAPD background investigation in 2007 and became a great support once I started the job. Ken kept in touch through the police academy and throughout the last 12 years. Ken is an amazing resource and knowledgeable professional who goes the extra mile.”

stephanie nfl transparent

Stephanie NL

Officer - BHPD

"Ken is the guru on the police backgrounds process. He's responsive, helpful, and very supportive of police applicants. If you ever wished you had a knowledgeable family member on the job to guide you through the application process, Ken is your guy."


Chris G

Officer - LAPD

"Ken makes you feel like he really cares about you. He will guide you through the process and always answers any questions you have. Ken helped me with numerous questions and also helped me understand issues that came up. With Ken’s help, my background experience was much better than I anticipated. He is professional without and he is meticulous. Ken is what every person should want in a background investigator."


Elliot H

Officer - LAPD

"In 2007, I was in my background process with the LAPD. I was having some trouble and was worried that my background would end in a disqualification. I came across forums and joined. With the help and guidance from Ken I was hired in March 2008. I will soon be promoted to detective. Ken will always be a mentor, and most importantly a friend. I am forever indebted to him for his help and guidance in achieving my true calling of being a police officer."


Jamie c

Officer - LAPD

"The hiring process can be overwhelming and complicated—especially backgrounds! Ken helped me through step by step and was so helpful is clarifying the mystery of backgrounds. Anytime I had a question, he was responsive and helpful. I don’t know what I would have done without him!"

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