NEW! Oral Interview Preparation – $50.00 per hour

Are you struggling with passing your oral interview or just aren’t sure you’re ready to face the panel? This is an area many candidates have trouble passing and prevents them from moving on to the background stage. We can help you boost your confidence and prepare to pass the interview. Your coach is a recently retired LAPD Recruitment officer & mentor who assisted candidates just like you for 14 years. She can get you ready for your interview!

Basic Telephonic Consultation – $50.00 per 60 minutes

A good choice if you are familiar with the background process and just need some questions answered via coaching. Telephonic consultations only and an affordable on an “As Needed” basis. Only $50.00 per 60 minutes. (60 minute minimum)

Custom In-Depth Review – $100.00

The Custom In-Depth Review is one our featured plans! You’ll get two hours of telephonic support with a investigator, your application & EXCLUSIVE PIQ reviewed AND comprehensive one-on-one counseling with you. Email support is also provided as needed and telephonic questions support. (Additional telephonic consultation time is available at the Basic Rate.)

Background Boot Camp! – $35.00 add-on

The Custom Background Boot Camp is an incredible value! The Background Boot Camp consists of a real-life background investigation experience including a mock Meet & Greet Interview. It doesn’t get better than this for the price! Please note: A comprehensive review of your PHS and/or PIQ is required to conduct the Meet & Greet Interview.

Add this to the Custom In-Depth Review the best combination!

DQ Appeals – $50.00 per hour

Were you DQ’d during the initial interview, the Meet & Greet Interview, the polygraph examination, or the background investigation? The dreaded “Your case is in review” or “You’ll receive a letter in the mail” can be gut wrenching. You were told you can appeal, but you don’t know where to start because you have limited information available. can review your DQ and help you write an appeal. The appeal process is one shot only. Denied and it’s over. Written properly and address the issues properly you can WIN your appeal. Call us today!


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