CDCR Officer Committed Suicide

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CDCR Officer Committed Suicide

Post by plinker » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:01 pm

This is not on the news or anywhere on the media to be found other than me having some friends who work for CDCR at a certain prison. Before I continue with this;

If you are having issues, problems, ANYTHING at all, Please come talk to us. Talk to someone. I will personally will talk to you if you need to get something off your chest or are struggling about. But please, suicide is not the answer.

Suicide rate has went up lately for Law Enforcement Officers lately. Today, I was talking with a buddy of mine who works at a certain state prison up North. His partner committed suicide due to him being stressed on the job and because of the job, recently divorced and having to pay money to his ex-wife. He was a great guy. Our job is hard enough and for that you need to remember. When you get home, try to turn off work and just be home and vise versa.

Find a hobby you like to take your stress out on. Some hobbies I have is horse-back riding.. I enjoy it. Its peaceful and refreshing to be outdoors, just your, your horse and the sound of the city while on top of a mountain/valley. I also like shooting, so every month at least two times I would go shooting with a LAPD Sgt. friend of mine.

If anyone sees someone doing bad, not being themselves, acting out of the norm, help them.


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Re: CDCR Officer Committed Suicide

Post by Ken Roybal » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:30 pm

This is tragic to hear. Yes, suicide in law enforcement is an ongoing problem, but preventable if those in need seek help. Sorry to hear about this. :(
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