Running, Calisthenics, Pushups, Sit-ups

Too far or can't make it to CAP? Post your workouts here.
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Running, Calisthenics, Pushups, Sit-ups

Post by MZAUSS83 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:27 pm

Hopefully my title breaks it down for you as far as the focus!
The four items above will be the most help for you to prepare. Think about the PFQ and the required components (running, pushups, sit-ups). So, as long as you are putting in the time to increase your ability to run and complete your 1.5mile run and 300m sprint, you will be in good shape. Of course your plan will need to be adjusted if you never have ever ran consistently, or if you are a cross country runner you will be fine!

For me, I worked out at least 4-5 days a week typically at my gym or at a local track weather depending. I did a light warm up jog for approx 4-5min. Then I stretched. Then I did a 3mile run typically, sometimes I increased the incline and speed as did two miles on certain days. If you cannot run three miles, start with a mile and a half at least three days a week. Increase to 4 days a week, then to five. Then pick three days the next week to bump up to 2miles. Then the next week try to do the 2miles 4 days that week, and so on. This is how I added distance and by default my shorter runs got faster because I was getting so used to doing longer runs. Some days I’d do 4 miles even, but for me it’s not so much about the distance (I can run far) but I needed to speed up my 1.5.

Then I went and did sit up sets and push up sets. Make sure you do these PFQ quality (can be found online or at your first PFQ you would have seen this). If you can only do 20 sit ups, do 2sets of these day one. Then the next day do the same, then build up sets as you can tolerate. Then, week two, set the timer and see how many you were able to do in one minute. Every day, time yourself and see how many you do. After that, do several sets of 20 sit ups. Same with pushups. Do sets for one week. Then time yourself to get a baseline. Do the timer everyday then add sets of 10-20 (however many you can tolerate) in order to build your stamina and add more. If you do this, you will begin to see that you can do more in your timed minute than than you could do before!

As encouragement, I am 35yrs old one of my PFQs last year was in the 60s. This past Sept when I did a repeat PFQ I got an 82. The next week, I got my call for the academy. So! PFQ scores can really help ensure that you seem like a likely candidate who will be successful. I went to CAPS but very infrequently due to work, and since I stuck with my home training regimen, I was able to get a great score and you can too! Make sure you SLEEP (7-8hrs! I didn’t always due to having a 19month old now, who was tiny along the way, but my best workouts were when I was well rested), stay hydrated with 64oz water a day, and eat a balanced diet of protein as veggies as well.

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